From gourmet style to bar and from grill to family, for each and every inclination; it’s all the you can find in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. There are many restaurants that are located on or near the prominent Las Olas Blvd which is the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is complete with tasks for every hour and every sort of exciting places to satisfy every palate. In this article you will read about the top 5 restaurants to visit in Downtown Fort Lauderdale while on a family vacation.

The best 5 restaurants to visit in Downtown Fort Lauderdale


The Floridian

Every one knows about The Floridian as well as their specialties. It is simply among the most inexpensive areas. Walls covered with celebrity photos mostly noticeable for being a Rachel Rae preferred and also close tables and also fellow restaurants simply inches away, along with the area that has one of the most reliable food offered. Also available salads that nail your eye. Along with other food menus, The Buffalo Hamburger is the icon and amazingly delicious.

Asia Bay Sushi Bar & Thai

The best in Asian food is right here at the Asian Bay Shushi Bar & Thai. Another reason of its popularity is that it is situated at  the prestigious welcoming Las Olas Blvd. With a menu of tasty sushi along with Thai food made just from the quite best ingredients. Being one of the most Asian dishes enthusiast, Asia Bay is a class.

Johnny Vi’s

Johnny Vi’s is a high end eating spot that gathers an innovative crowd with its cutting edge food, impressive wine as well as streamlined design right in the heart of Downtown Ft Lauderdale. Johnny Vinczencz is one of South Florida’s many acclaimed and also easily recognizable chefs. He has actually established Mediterranean inspired American recipes like corn crusted snapper. Strip meat are also easily available.


Mango’s dining establishment & Lobby is a fantastic option as if you’re looking for jazz songs clubs in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It’s not in fact a club, this local gem right in the heart of the constantly whirring Las Olas supplies real-time music every night of the week. Always remember to attempt a specialized beverage like the Mango Lada or Las Olas Lemonade.

Downtowner Saloon

There is no place that you could find like the Downtowner Saloon in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. This outdoor dining treasure is just wonderful that you can’t help visiting. From your table enjoy a plenty of parade of watercrafts and personal yachts with a picture-postcard sight of downtown’s magnificent sight. With an appealing food variety of outstanding beginners such as Seared Ahi Tuna, fowl wings, tasty crab cakes in addition to red onion rings, you will get confused what to eat and drink.

Top 5 restaurants to visit in Downtown Fort Lauderdale FL
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