Orlando is the major destination city of tourists and travelers for the whole world. It is called the city of entertainment and fun. There is always something for everybody. Orlando is basically the center of life in whole state of Florida. Without Orlando Florida will be a soul less body and without the theme parks Orlando will be a corpse. Orlando has been the symbol of tourism for the whole world. Theme parks of Orlando are world famous. Orlando theme parks have become the center of life in Orlando, Florida. There are more than a dozen theme park park in Orlando. These theme parks have made Orlando an economical power house. Down below you will learn about three world famous theme parks of Orlando Florida.

World famous theme parks of Orlando

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The Universal Orlando Resort

If you are a tourist or traveler in Orlando then Universal Orlando will be an ideal place to start your trip. This theme park offers ultimate entertainment and fun to all of its visitors. This theme park is related to the film industry. Millions of tourists come here from all around the globe to this place. If you are a tourist and you have not visited Universal Orlando Resorts then you are missing the concept of fun and entertainment. If you will visit this place you will feel like that you have entered yourself in a movie. You will be able to see many of your fictional characters around. Without any doubt Universal Orlando is a world famous theme parks of Orlando Florida.

The Walt Disney World Resort

The Disney World is the legacy of Walt Disney which is located in Orlando near Lake Buena Vista. It is comprised of many different theme parks. Visitors travel form far away corner of the globe to visit this exceptional theme park. It has many areas. If you are in luck then you will be able to find you favorite Disney character in this humongous place. By an estimate over 50 million people visit theme parks of Walt Disney ever year and every next year there are more and more visit Orlando to admire the master piece of Walt Disney. It can easily be determined that Walt Disney World is the world famous theme parks of Orlando Florida.

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando is a water theme park which is located in Orlando, Florida. Water theme parks provide a great deal of entertainment and fun to all the visitors. On a hot day when Wet ‘n Wild Orlando will give you a chance to cool off and enjoy that day with your family. There are also many amazing rides for the visitors as well. If you are in Wet ‘n Wild Orlando then you will never feel bored. It is an ideal place for a family vacation. There are many attractions within this theme park as well. Aqua Drag Racer, Blastaway Beach, Brain Wash, The Storm, The Bomb Bay and Disco H2O are among the favorite attractions of the visitors. Every year millions of visitors come here from all around the world to spend some quality time.

Three world famous theme parks of Orlando Florida

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