Tampa is a very famous tourist destination which is located on West Coast of Florida. It is a very popular city among the Florida locals and tourists from all over the States as well. The greatest attraction of all times is definitely theme parks of Orlando but there are many locations in Tampa as well which are truly admired by the tourists and travelers as well. Busch Gardens of Tampa, Florida is definitely a destination among these wonderful places. Beach areas of Tampa can also be described as an ideal spot to spend a sunny day with your family. Dog friendly beaches are also a specialty of Tampa. There are also different kinds of museums in Tampa which are equally admired by the visitors. Tampa is also home to many thrilling and exotic rides. We can also say that the great city of Tampa offers best recreational and fun activities to the visitors to make their trip memorable.

Three best reviews of Busch Gardens

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Ciarra R from Zephyrhills, Florida says:

Not only is Busch Gardens great for thrill seekers and roller coaster junkies but it offers a variety of activities for anyone any age. They have great restaurants with very tasty food, rides for kids and animal attractions for those who don’t care for riding rides. Also great for holidays as they always have events going on.

 Fwre from Tampa, Florida writes:

I am born and raised in fl and Busch gardens is the best of all the parks in fl in my opinion. We always go on weekdays and it’s so much better than disneys ridiculous lines. I find starting in the morning in the back of the park and working our way forward is best by far. Good luck

Denise V from Albany, Oregon writes:

This place is HUGE! I would try to map out what areas you want to see before going, otherwise you may wander around like we did. Either way, we had a blast. Got to see many different animals as well as ride some fun rides.


Three best reviews of Busch Gardens at Trip Adviser

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