Miami, Florida is a preferred choice for travelers and tourists visiting Florida for a vacation. Miami is popular all over the world not only because of  its countless attractive destinations, but also for its warm and comfortable climate. There are many things to do in Miami Florida that any person can find it hard to do these all in a short time period, yet there are some parts of the city that are truly well-known and the most important factor for a visitor’s catch. Below we can show you some of the best travelers destinations to visit in Miami Florida for a perfect escape.

The most popular travel destinations in Miami

Millionaire’s Row

If you wish to see a place full of superstars you could plan to take a look at Millionaire’s Row in Miami, Florida. The houses of these famous people are at far distance as compared to those scattered near the Hollywood hills that’s why it requires visitors to use local transportation in order to see them all. Most of the famous people survive on a special island called Celebrity Island, known locally as Millionaire’s Row.

South Beach

South Beach is the identity of Miami without a doubt. The most popular area in Miami Florida is South Beach. The stretch of sand that borders the sea along Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami, Florida is a place for sunlight lovers. Visitors throughout the year come to the South Beach due to its incredible beauty that includes white powdery sands, cool blue water down the hot sun and many more that one could see and enjoy all day long.  Not only this, but the Beach also offers rollerblading, cycling along with walking.

Art Deco Area

Miami Florida’s Art Deco Historic District is a distinctive place that enforce visitors towards its attraction. This location in Miami, Florida consists of numerous resorts, private residence and also other business places. Strolling along the streets of the district might give a stunning sight of this location from a lost era. There are trips provided to visitors that intend to learn much more concerning this location of the city.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

This white, towering structure was reconditioned in early 18th century and also became one of the best locations to visit in Miami, Florida. The lighthouse contains Costs Baggs Cape Florida State Park from inside. Visitors to the lighthouse could possibly take journeys of the structure. There additionally is a lengthy stretch of beach in the park that you can enjoy in addition to your visit to Light House. It also has two nearby eating spots offering genuine Cuban food and also offer you cycling, swimming and fishing on top.

The most popular places in Miami to visit during vacation

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