Florida Shuttle Transportation services

Travelers from all over the world come to Florida for vacation and prefer to travel from near Miami Airport or Miami Downtown to Bartow FL, using our Miami to Bartow shuttle services. Also, a big number of local residents use our shuttle bus services for their transfers. The Miami to Bartow route is one of the most popular trips in Florida.

Choose which Florida transportation service you need by selecting one of the two options below which are: Shared transportation from Miami to Bartow and the Private transportation. You're able to get an instant online quote. 

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What Type Of Transportation Are You Looking For?

Shared Transportation

By using our most economical daily Miami to Bartow shared shuttle service you can travel to any cities we serve in the West Coast of Florida. We provide services in all the major cities we serve in the west coast of Florida through (I-75).

Private Transfers

Travel with our most flexible Miami Bartow private shuttle bus service to your desired locations anywhere in the state of Florida through east and west coast. It is a door to door service at anytime and anyplace you choose for the pick up and drop off.

Shuttle Service Schedule

While using the daily Miami to Bartow shared transportation service from, usually the most common schedules from the majority transportation companies are:
- Morning time around 6:15am to 6:30am
Some other transportation providers depart one hour later. But it all depends from where in Miami you are departing from. There are different places to depart when you are traveling from Miami to Bartow: Near Miami International Airport (Regency airport Hotel) and Miami Downtown.

Transportation Routes

Miami shuttle stations

Door to Door service

Main station options

In times when using a shuttle bus services to Bartow from Miami you can choose for the pick up and drop off main stations such as:

  • ​Near Miami airport (Regency airport Hotel) to US Highway 98 (Wafflehouse)
  • Miami Downtown (Holiday Inn Hotel) to US Highway 98 (Wafflehouse)

Important Note

You are requested to please make your reservation at least 48 hours beforehand when using a bus or shuttle service from Miami to Bartow in order to prevent any inconvenience.
In case you need to travel less than 48 hours or even the same day, please give us a call for availability at 321-250-2880. Thank you!

Miami to Bartow FL Route Popularity

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Miami & Bartow FL



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