When talking about going on a vacation in the state of Florida, one name always comes to mind, of course! Orlando. People from all over the world comes to Orlando with family and/or friends to enjoy the vacation. Not only visitors and tourists, but also local residents mostly travel from Orlando to any other cities in the state of Florida by using shuttle bus service. When using a shuttle bus service from Orlando to Miami or anywhere in Florida, it is very important to have a knowledge of what are the options available for you to travel. Here in this article you will certainly get to know about what are the ways to travel from Orlando to Miami or anywhere in the state of Florida.

Ways to travel from Orlando to Miami

There are different ways to travel in the state of Florida from. Some prefer to take a ride on a mono rail and some prefer to travel by using shuttle bus service. You will certainly find a number of shuttle bus service providers in Orlando as well as in Miami. These service providers offer both shared shuttle service as well as private transfers. Many tourists that are on a vacation with family would prefer to use a private transfers. So, the idea is to select a best ground transportation service providers in Orlando and also Miami for your transfers. Companies such as: Mears, Florida Shuttle Express, Grey Hound, Florida Shuttle Bus and Red Coach does offer the same on a daily basis. In case you need to travel by using the most inexpensive shuttle bus service, a shared shuttle service is one of the best option as it runs on a daily basis from Orlando to the different cities of Florida. Every transportation service providers use a main station terminals for pick p and drop off in the cities they serve in Florida. Another thing to remember is the schedule for pick up/drop off.

Almost all transportation service providers uses the fastest common routes which are I-95 (East Coast) and I-75 (West Coast) by covering all the major cities in the state of Florida when traveling from Orlando to Miami and Miami to Orlando.

There is another alternative route that can be used upon the travelers request which is called Florida’s Turnpike. But, that could be more expensive in regards to the tolls and taxes.

Always remember to do a complete research on the above said major points before you leave your home. This would save you not only a lot of time, but also can help you make your vacation easy and remarkable 🙂


How to travel from Orlando to Miami by using a shuttle bus service
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