Since both Miami and Orlando are visitors main reason of vacation because of their uncountable attractions, visitors intend to travel by using a ground transportation from Miami to Orlando and likewise. There are number of options on just how you can travel from Miami to Orlando airport terminal (MCO), International drive Orlando by using a ground transportation. One of the best options to travel is by using a shuttle bus service from Miami to Orlando and vice versa. In this article you’ll certainly find a number of ideas on how to travel when using a shuttle bus service from Miami to Orlando.

How to travel from Miami to Orlando

Making Reservation

It is always recommended by almost all ground transportation service providers to make a reservation ahead of time in order to avail the seats or else there might will not be any space available due to the fact that both Miami and Orlando are the main points for tourists and travelers around the world


Is is must to check the schedules provided by the transportation service providers in order to make your plans of traveling accordingly. The Miami to Orlando shuttle bus schedule is very simple, all you need to do is to choose the right pick up the time according to your plan. It is also recommended to always call at the customer care Dept- before making a booking (if online) to verify the availability of the seat for the time you would like to get picked up/drop off.

Main stations of pick up/drop off

There are 2-3 main terminals for the pick up when using a shuttle bus service from Miami. Most of the transportation service providers have the same pick up and drop off main stations such as: Miami airport as well as Downtown Miami. By checking the their main stations they serve you could easily pick the closest convenience for you to go get the shuttle. The exact same option is for Orlando drop off at Orlando Intl Airport (MCO) Or International drive Orlando. (Get the additional directions to the major stations via GPS and/or Google Map before hand to be on time for the pick up).

Travel Information

Always remember to take your travel information (ticket) with you at the time of traveling in order to prevent any inconvenience. Also, it is mandatory to have your ID with you.


The most important thing that you should know before taking a trip is about the baggage policy of the transportation service providers they allow per seat.

Child Safety

It is also must to make sure as if the transportation service provider offers a car seat for kids underage. If not, then take your own.

Traveling to Seaport/Airport

Make sure to check all the documents provided by the Airlines and/or Cruise lines prior to leaving from your home in order not to miss your flight and/or cruise ship.

These are the major things that you need to confirm beforehand in order to get a stress free ride, specifically when you are going on a journey; nobody needs their holidays to be ruined as a result of any kind of type of incident 🙂

How to travel by using a shuttle bus service from Miami to Orlando

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